Bristlecone Pine Trail – Dixie National Forest

This easy walk was, far and away, one of our favorites.  After a day spent mostly in the car, or battling hot pavement with boots and backpacks – it was nice to get out in the cool forest.   The scrubby pine trees, and various other plants kept Darby busy smelling – but there was a decided lack of lizards, so I wasn’t having to … Continue reading Bristlecone Pine Trail – Dixie National Forest

The National Parks – Zion and Bryce

Ah.. The National Parks.  Magical places… that dog’s simply aren’t allowed to enjoy.  The short answer to, “Is Zion worth it if you’ve got your dogs with you”, is not what the ranger told me.  The short answer is NO.  The majority of Zion is only accessible through a shuttle bus… a shuttle bus that dogs are, of course, not welcome on.  Yes, you can … Continue reading The National Parks – Zion and Bryce

Red Canyon – Utah Hiking

Red Canyon was super cool.  I wish I would have planned more time for this area (or even known about it before we started this adventure!)  Red Canyon is part of the Dixie National Forest.  This means that all the hiking is free, and your dogs can go with you!  We found Red Canyon quite by accident.  I decided to spend the day visiting Zion … Continue reading Red Canyon – Utah Hiking

Red Cliffs Campground – Utah

Ah.. camping.  The great outdoors.  Nothing but peace and quiet, and intense sunshine at Red Cliffs!  We called Red Cliffs home from June 22nd through the 27th.  It was hot Hot HOT!!  Had I done a little bit more research I probably would not have chosen to stay here.  The campground itself was really quite lovely.  As a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) campground, it was … Continue reading Red Cliffs Campground – Utah

Gulpy Junior – Dog Water Bottle Review

We are avid hikers in this house.  When we aren’t out hiking, we still like to be outside doing stuff.  Part of our February BarkBox was the Gulpy Junior.  A little 10 oz water bottle with a flip up bowl attached to it, perfect for dog watering.  I LOVE this item.  We used it at the beach, we use it on walks for the warm … Continue reading Gulpy Junior – Dog Water Bottle Review