July BarkBox

DSC_0174Getting BarkBoxes for the Ladies is a lot of fun.  It keeps our treat jar full, and a new line-up of toys constantly coming in (without the constant trips to the pet store).  July’s BarkBox was good after a disappointing June Box (the Ladies are behind on their reviews, July and May will be up soon!)

DSC_0154The July Box was circus themed, and featured a delicious trio of treats, one plush toy, and one rubber toy.

The Butcher’s Block Trachea Chew will go in the to be savored later pile.  Darby has gotten this treat before, and she loves it!  It does tend to make a mess though, and if I am not careful about how much she eats, eventually leads to an upset tummy.  So we will be saving this one for a rainy day, when I can 100% supervise.

We haven’t busted into the Nootie Hickory Bacon Jerky Chews yet, but they look like they will be pleasers.  Darby loves everything food..

DSC_0151 DSC_0192My Doggy Cheesy Cookies were a huge hit!  Olivia has been going on hunger strike at breakfast time again – which can make it difficult to get her medications into her.  She will not turn these cookies down!  These may be the greatest cookies I have ever had for her. They are semi-soft, and while it says they are “cheesy” they smell deliciously like molasses.  Darby thought that they were pretty tasty too, but we are saving these as “Livi needs to eat” back-up cookies now.  I love it when I can find something that Liv enjoys so much!

DSC_0177Toys in the BarkBox DSC_0149are always a crap-shoot.  Darby either completely loves them, or she wants nothing to do with them.  We got a 50/50 split this time.  The PetMate Muscle Man Cuz, was a dud.  Basically a large red squeaky ball, with legs and abs – and Darby couldn’t have cared less about it.  She likes things that squeak, but they either need to be small enough for her to carry them around, or soft enough for her to “kill”.  This one was neither.  Outward Hound Tuff Guys Mat was a much better fit for the Large Lady.  Two squeakers near the top, and then crinkly stuff in his drawers.  She loves him!

The Ladies were on overload, since I hadn’t opened any of their Boxes since April! (We have been very busy ladies!)

If you haven’t tried BarkBox yet, here is a code to get yourself a free one (with purchase I believe).  The Nekkid Ladies have set their free boxes up to donate to needy dogs in shelters.


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