Bristlecone Pine Trail – Dixie National Forest

DSC_7770-EditThis easy walk was, far and away, one of our favorites.  After a day spent mostly in the car, or battling hot pavement with boots and backpacks – it was nice to get out in the cool forest.   The scrubby pine trees, and various other plants kept Darby busy smelling – but there was a decided lack of lizards, so I wasn’t having to corral her quite as much as on our desert walks.

Mostly shaded, this was a nice loop trail, clocking in a just over a half mile total.  At the end you got a nice view of Zion and the Virgin River.   There were several logs down over the trail, but nothing that Darby couldn’t handle – Livi just needed a big boost.

DSC_7766We really loved the Dixie National Forest.   As excited as I was to do canyon hiking, the Pacific Northwest native in me longed for the shade of trees, and Dixie provided that.  There is much hiking to be had in Dixie, and I wish I would have scheduled more time here!  It is a nice respite from the scorching heat of St. George.


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