Red Canyon – Utah Hiking

RDSC_7210ed Canyon was super cool.  I wish I would have planned more time for this area (or even known about it before we started this adventure!)  Red Canyon is part of the Dixie National Forest.  This means that all the hiking is free, and your dogs can go with you!  We found Red Canyon quite by accident.  I decided to spend the day visiting Zion and Bryce, knowing that it was going to just be a drive through type trip, since the dogs can’t go on trails.  Red Canyon is situated smack between the two National Parks.  There are a variety of trails, from a paved bike path (that was paved with black top, and therefore FAR too hot for naked dog feet), to very difficult hikes.  We did a short hike, just behind the visitor center that was somewhere between the two levels of difficulty.  It was quite hot out, so we didn’t complete the hike, but it was a nice break in the day and allowed the dogs to get out and stretch their legs.

We highly recommend Red Canyon to dog owners that want to do some red rock hiking!


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