Spring Creek Canyon – Kanarraville Hike

Spring Creek Canyon is the 2nd slot canyon hike that we didDSC_7373 in Kanarraville.  It is a fantastic hike, but there are a few things that you should be aware of.  It is a primitive hike, and not well marked in places.  There were so very overgrown areas (specifically in the meadow area), and the flat part of the hike is HOT.  Most important – Plan your timing well, so you don’t get stuck coming down from this hike at the hottest part of the day like we did.  This was the only time I was worried about the dogs getting too hot on our trip.  Luckily the creek provided a cooling off place along the way.  This trip took us about 4 hours, including some down time in the canyon to cool off, and several breaks in the creek on the way down.

The hike starts off of “Spring Creek Road”, just past the town dump station.  The parking areas is not marked, but there is a yellow sign that marks the trail head.  It is a long hike through scrub desert plants beDSC_7616fore you get to the wonder that is the slot canyon.  The trail goes up and down a couple of washes that make for tricky crossing if you have a dog on your back – but all are manageable.  This was the only hike that we actually heard a rattlesnake – and I almost turned around.  It was at a point where the trail was quite narrow, and Darby is a bit of a knuckle-head about wanting to chase the critters.. but we just walked through the creek and were able to pass him safely.  Inside the red rock canyon, it is fantastically cool.  It was easy to forget how insanely hot it was out on the first half of the trail.  The canyon keeps going and going, but doesDSC_7670 eventually peter out when the choke-stones get too big to pass.  If you didn’t have a pup, you could maybe get further in than we did.  This was one of the only hikes that we saw other people on, and only on the way back to the car did we see anyone at all.


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