Red Cliffs Campground – Utah

20150615_200018Ah.. camping.  The great outdoors.  Nothing but peace and quiet, and intense sunshine at Red Cliffs!  We called Red Cliffs home from June 22nd through the 27th.  It was hot Hot HOT!!  Had I done a little20150615_192823 bit more research I probably would not have chosen to stay here.  The campground itself was really quite lovely.  As a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) campground, it was quite primitive.  No drinking water, pit toilets and no hook-ups for the campers – but that made it pretty idea for quiet tent campers like us.  However, with temperatures reaching into the low 100s, it was just a touch too warm.  I really wish that we had been there a month earlier to take advantage of all the hiking that was right out of our door!  Because it was so warm, the Ladies and I would abandon camp as soon as we woke up, head out for hiking… and then find a shady park in nearby Cedar City, or Kanarraville to while away the hottest part of the day.  That meant staying away from camp until at least 7:30pm when the sun would finally dip behind the rocks and the heat became bearable.

Red Cliffs did make for a good jumping off point for our daily hikes.  We were within a nice 30 – 45 minute drive of everything that I wanted to do for this trip.  We got to see all sorts of critters around camp – bugs the size of my hand, rabbits, lizards, bats, and very colorful 20150615_182313birds!  Bees came out in the mornings to pollinate all the lovely flowers but also wanted to eat our breakfast, so we hid in the tent to eat.  There were a TON  of insects at this campground.  Giant beetles, and butterflies.. biting flies in the evening and mosquitoes of course.  At night time, the bunnies (I hope it was bunnies) would get quite brave and come chew on weeds very close to our tent, or run along the side of it.  Darby alerted me nicely every time that something was amiss – waking me out of a dead sleep to look a rabbits!

Red Cliffs is about 20 minutes north of St. George, or 30 minutes south of Cedar City – so we were in easy distance to all major grocery stores and an other supplies that we may have needed.  I will discuss the various hiking routes that are available in Red Cliffs in a separate post, but the hiking that was in the campground was one of the reasons that I wanted to stay here in the first place!


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