All in a Days Work

Saturday was roller coaster, but ended well!  Since the Nekkid Daddy is out of town, the Ladies had to come to work with me.  This is not what they would like to do.  Olivia would much rather stay in bed, but alas iwpid-20150502_094010.jpgt is not possible.  So… they spent the first part of the day stuck in Doggie Jail.  It really isn’t all that bad… they get to watch me running around and get potty breaks, so it is a win-win.  Our next order of the day was relaxing in the sun!

This went well until the Oliv4doggiesia had one of her strange regurgitation episodes, and we had to mediate the after effects.  Afterwards she seemed to feel fine, and we continued to relax and take sunshine siestas! The Ladies like my spot in the sun much better than the spot that I fix up for them.. so I share.

After a mandatory trip to the market, the Ladies got a much deserved walk.  I was thrilled that Olivia actually wanted to go and was leading the way!  She has become such an old lady and usually walks are not what she wants to do, but not today!  wpid-20150502_183313.jpg

We took a nice turn around the park and Darby even managed to hold it together when a German Shepherd puppy walked by us.  She is getting so much better with other dogs in her area!  She makes me so proud!! It also helps when we don’t run into poorly behaved dogs…


The Ladies got nice and tuckered out.. well the Olivia did anyway, Darby had to do her crazy dog laps through the living room first… and of course, because I am a photographer, we had to do our May Portraits!  I discovered if I mildly scream, Darby does the cute twisty head look… I LOVE it!  The Olivia is perfect in from of the camera, as usual.

Check out our Facebook page for more pictures! !!



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