April BarkBox!!

April BarkBoxLast week our April BarkBox arrived, and while Darby was really excited to rip into it, we had to wait for our house guest to leave.  We may have some sharing issues….

Darby and Olivia love getting their Box each month.  I love getting new toys for them, that I don’t have to go pick out.  Yes, it is a very convenient delivery service.  After some questionably small items in our box from March, I switched our order to LARGE dog, and that may have done the trick.

They couldn't wait to open these ones!
They couldn’t wait to open these ones!

This month our box contained a BarkMade Flowers Bouquet, Nature’s Bits Salmontreats,Petprojeckt Squeaki Tiki, Sojo’s Simply Lamb, and Etta Says Elk chew.  For our photo session we broke out the Salmon treats.. they were a big hit!  Olivia posed so nicely for these smallish, slightly squishy treats.  They are relatively easy to break, so I think they will work nicely for Darby’s training classes.

Darby REALLSqueaki TikiY wanted to play with the toys, especially the Squeaki Tiki.  It makes some non-standard squeak noises, and that is always very intriguing for the Darbs.  We almost couldn’t make it through our five minutes of photos to start playing with that bad boy.

May I have?

Unfortunately, she lost interest in Squeaki Tiki very quickly.  New toys usually get about a half hour of uninterrupted play from Darby, but this one just got a cursory kick around the house, and then hauled off to her bed.  She is a bit of a hoarder sometimes.

And of course, Etta’s Chews are always a big hit, so I broke that bad boy up and doled it out right away.  This Elk one does seem to be the overall favorite (and I say this because Olivia will eat her piece until it is gone… Darby will eat nearly anything!)  I’m often tempted to just stock up on these because Olivia likes them so much, but the do seem a bit spendy for something that literally lasts for a minute.

Etta's Chews are Delicious!

Don’t forget, if you don’t already get BarkBox, you can try them out here.  I have set my referral code to give my bonus boxes to Downtown Dog Rescue, and if you sign up I encourage you to do the same!  It doesn’t take much to help dogs in need.


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