Just a Sunny Afternoon

What a fantastic spring we have been having here in the Great Pacific Northwest!  Although the day started off a tiny bit questionable, the sun is out in full force and we are enjoying all of it that we can!DSC_5808

We are pretty luck in Bellevue to have a ton of park, greenbelts and grass-lined walking paths, and I am especially lucky to have several of these just outside my own door.  Since I am swamped right now with school work, going to exotic locals for walk is not going to happen.  Life is what you make of it though… who needs fields of Tulips when you can find a patch of sunny yellow dandelions!  So many blossoms… among other things… to sniff and roll in!  Darby had a grand ol’ time rolling in somethingDSC_5831 that was irresistible!

That right there, is the face of doggy bliss!  Livi is well past her rolling on the ground days, but she still enjoyed smelling all of the incredible spring time smells – and humored me with a brief photo-shoot in lovely cherry blossom tree!DSC_5861

Ain’t she the cutest??  She was pretty sure I was being a terrible mommy at this point – but quickly forgave me when I lifted her down and gave her a big smooch!

Now we have all settled into the warmth of the office to do some homework – for Liv, this means sitting on my lap!

I love having all of this greatness to explore with my kids right in our neighborhood!


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