A Trip to the Doctor!


Today Darby had to go to the vet.   She developed a bump on her back last week – that at first appeared to be just a giant zit – but kept growing to a monstrous size!  Luckily, I work at the vet.. so Darby is used to going there.  Bump turned out to be an abscess of unknown origin… Thankfully it is pretty small and well encapsulated, so no antibiotics; but Darby will get to have some fabulous hot compresses for the next couple of days to help get all the bad “goo” out.

In case you were wondering.. Darby is not a great patient.  She is a bit too wiggly and doesn’t have much patience for being poked and prodded.  We love our Veterinarians though, so getting to cuddle with them made it all better.


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