Gulpy Junior – Dog Water Bottle Review

We are avid hikers in this house.  When we aren’t out hiking, we still like to be outside doing stuff.  Part of our February BarkBox was the Gulpy Junior.  A little 10 oz water bottle with a flip up bowl attached to it, perfect for dog wawpid-20150324_114853.jpgtering.  I LOVE this item.  We used it at the beach, we use it on walks for the warm days that we have been blessed with.  This is perhaps one of the best things that has come out of our BarkBox subscription.  The only caveat is size.  This guy is small.  It would probably last us a day if Olivia was the only Naked Lady partaking, but 10 oz doesn’t last long with both pups taking a sip.  For reference, Darby is about 30 pounds, and the Olivia is about 8 (but because of some health problems, she drinks like a 20 pounder!).  If your dog is much larger than Darby, and you wanted to do more than a short hike, this would not suffice.

Having said that, we will continue to use it, and bring it on our *big* trip in a couple of months to Utah, the little hook at the top makes it very practical for hanging outside of a backpack instead of taking up space inside.  It looks like they go for about $10 on Amazon… seems a little steep for the size of the bottle.


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