And… we’re back!

We had a fantastic Spring Break in Lincoln City (even if it was a little on the short side!).  Back to the every day now, but first a few photos from our trip.

Enjoying some sunshine!

For the most part, we enjoyed sunny weather for our five days on the Oregon Coast.  We rented a very nice condo that I found through .  The rental company was easy to work with, and I would recommend them to a friend.  Hubby and I rented a top floor condo for the view, but in hindsight I would have chosen a ground floor unit for potty break ease.  Especially since Olivia has developed more health problems and needs to go out every few hours – luckily there was an elevator to speed my vertical travels.  The condo was situated nicely on a little bay, with easy access to the “real” ocean, giving us a nice view and calm water.

All smiles, snug and warm.

Darby especially enjoyed getting to go out to the beach frequently.  Although it was sunny most days, it was still a bit cool for Olivia, so she stayed tucked into her special puppy pouch inside of my jacket.  Little Naked Lady did get her feet into the sand a few times, and she probably would have stuck it out if I’d made her, but… what can I say, she is spoiled.  And rightly so!

The only difficult thing was the plethora of unleashed dogs.  Even if the other dogs didn’t care about Darby at all… she certainly still cares about them! We did a good job of keeping an eye on all the rogue dogs, and we were able to avoid having anything worse than a bit of barking from the Darby.DSC_5120

Darby never did decide that the water was OK to go into, although she certainly wanted to get the birds that were often on the bay.

We all miss the beach, but it is nice to get back home and back to our normal routine.  Routine is so important to these guys!

What will our next adventure bring??


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