March Bark Box

Our March Bark Box was full of fun!  This box included – Harry Barker Fetch Canvas Bone, Grandma Bowser’s Mai Tai Mango Biscuits, BarkMade Message In a Bottle, Yeti Corp Golden Nugget and Etta Says! Bison Chew.  Darby  LOVED the “Message in a Bottle” toy.  She played with it non-stop for about an hour, kicking it around the house for wpid-20150321_162016.jpgherself and chewing non-stop on the skinny, neck end.  We have had Etta Says! chews before, just not in this flavor.  These typically go pretty quickly between my two girls.  While Olivia was not very impressed with the Bison flavor (only chewed it for about a minute, then left it behind), Darby scarfed it down.  These are very soft chews and don’t last more than 30 seconds with Darby. They also require some pretty stringent supervision to keep her from trying to swallow them in two pieces.

The Grandma Bowser’s biscuits are still untested.  We have at least two bags of these from previous Boxes.  Darby enjoys them, but they are largish (bigger than a silver dollar) and hard, and difficult to break into smaller pieces.  We work on training and use A LOT of treats, I have to limit them to ones that are easy to make very small.  They also tend to be far too hard for Olivia to eat.  We are prepping to go to the Beach for a few days, so we will probably takes these with us, and will let you know how they go over.

Since we have been subscribed to BarkBox for a few months, the amount of toys that have amassed is kinda over the top.  The Fetch Canvas Bone has been put into storage for a bit (along with several of the other “old” toys so that they can become new again).  I’m not sure how Darby will like this one.  It is quite large (almost as big as Olivia) and soft, but no squeak to speak of.

wpid-20150324_114958.jpg Before and After Microwave

Lastly, we have the Golden Nugget.  I was a bit apprehensive about these.  They were swpid-20150324_114604.jpgent in a BarkBox for a medium sized dog, but the pieces were only about an inch long and a half inch wide.  The packaging says they may be a choking hazard, which seems like an understatement.  The directions call for 60 seconds of time in the microwave and they will grow up to double size.  My microwave is a bit wimpy, so we needed almost 2 minutes to get any growth from them at all.  We let them cool down for a few minutes and then onto the taste testing.  Darby was instantly in love.  Of course, she is instantly in love with anything that is remotely edible. Olivia thought it smelled really good, but wasn’t sure exactly what she was supposed to do with it.  Good Girl Darby, took hers to her spot and went to work on it immediately.. chewing it with her incisors instead of her molars like a normal dog. I will say it lasted slightly longer than a greenie does (a minute, give or take).  The biggest problem with this treat is that it starts so small (even puffed up, Darby can still fit the entire thing into her mouth).  It is way to easy for her to just swallow it once she has it down to half size, and nearly impossible to get away from her once she is intent on doing so.  Olivia finally managed to nibble a tiny little corner off of hers, but did not seem to be overly excited about it.

Verdict, probably not going to be using the rest of these.  The choking hazard for Darby is just way too high.

March was an OK BarkBox.  I’ve had concerns about the size appropriateness of items prior to this one, but it is making me consider changing Darby’s registration to X-Large, and see what we get.

Until next month!

If you are interested in trying out BarkBox – use this link! By using a referral link you get an extra Box free! – and even better, I have set my referral Boxes to be donated to a worthwhile rescue group!  It is a win-win!


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