Meet the Ladies!

I would like to take this moment to introduce you to a couple of very special ladies.

Meet Olivia.  Olivia is a true hairless Chinese Crested.  She is a bit of an old lady, aged 12, but most of the time that doesn’t stop her from going on adventures, indulging in her favorite treats, laying in the sun, and generally enjoying every minute of life!Christmas Dogs 2014 (2 of 7)

The Olivia has been with me ever since she was 6 weeks old, and let me tell you, she was the cutest puppy ever… looked a little bit like a tiny pachyderm.  Being of smaller stature, naked, and older – Olivia does not tolerate the cold very well – but hates wearing clothes even more than being cold!  We still take walks in the winter, but she is secured in her doggy carry pouch – and usually inside of my jacket.  Since we have been having an unseasonably warm and early Spring here in the Pacific Northwest, Olivia has been working on her tan almost every day.  This is certainly her favorite time of year.

Sunshine is important – doesn’t matter where you have to lay to find it!  The girls are wpid-20150318_154108.jpgregularly in my sitting room, where we get wonderful afternoon light!

Darby came to us from Crest-Care just a few months ago. We had a very unexpected, very sudden doggy loss late last year – and Olivia didn’t take to being an only child well at all.  Darby helped to fill a huge emptiness in our home and my heart.  She has been with us only for a few months now, and we are still working out some of the kinks, but she has become a cherished family member.  She was surrendered to rescue as a Chinese Crested mix… mixed with Irish Setter!  The only setter like trait that she exhibits is her size – and her incredibly high prey drive.  She routinely patrols the yard for bunnies, and has done a phenomenal job of keeping us safe from their bunny antics. Christmas Dogs 2014 (4 of 7) Darby has made it through one round of Basic Obedience classes, and we are gearing up to start Basic 102 in just a couple of weeks now – with the hope of getting to agility in the future.

Both of these ladies LOVE adventure.  They love car rides, and exploring new places, new smells, new everything.  We have a new adventure coming up in just a bit over a week, so stay tuned for the Nekkid Lady review of Lincoln City, OR.  Also, they have been testing out the March BarkBox rigorously and will be giving their paws up or down for all of the goodies.


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