Lake Hills Green Belt

wpid-20150321_1550320.jpgI must have driven by this tiny park a million times, and today was the day to finally check it out.  It has been so nice and sunny and warm – unseasonably so – and the dogs have been just LOVING it.  Livi was feeling a little under the weather, so I had a Darby walk.  Darby walk = very fast.  The park is small.  Really small.  There are a couple of big grassy areas (hence the green belt thing), and some picnic tables, and two little docks over the pond/lake/thing.  The nice thing is that it connects to several other pathways, so you could easily make this into a really nice walk.


One thing you should know about Bellevue… it is a swamp.  All of the parks get incredibly waterlogged when it rains.  It poured down this morning.  I did not consider this when I allowed Darby to run through the green belt – until I realized that I could hear her getting dirty.  That great suction sound of paws being pulled out of thick, gooey mud.  Oh yeah.

After a good romp through the mud, we checked out the pond (Phantom Lake) and Darby marveled at the water slapping noises – she still doesn’t know quite what to make of water!  We sat for a while, until she was reassured that there was really nothing to be afraid of – then headed out to get some good exercise.  The path that leads from the greenbelt is fairly wide, and set off nicely from the road.  At the corner it separates out in different directions, allowing for a ton of exploring.  One of my favorite things about Bellevue is the plethora of walking paths that connect many of the parks and green spaces.  You can get almost anywhere on foot!

Over-all, I’m not surScreen Shot 2015-03-21 at 6.04.25 PMe that I would visit this green belt again – if it wasn’t steps from my door.  There are similar parks with less mud scattered through Bellevue.  Darby sure did enjoy all of the new smells, so we will probably add it to our (semi)regular rotation of walk routes.

You can see the map of the location here.  The little green belt marker actually isn’t anywhere near where we parked.  We began our mini-adventure just to the west of Phantom Lake and moseyed around from there.


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